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Worst in Slot (GH20) is recruiting!

Come slay some Fey with Worst in Slot today, the best place for those of you, even those who aren't "Best In Slot"

About Us:
- We are an active GH20 with multiple pages of crackheads online every night.
- Predominantly an American guild but we have players able to speak a variety of languages, and an increasing European player base.
- We run all content from A-Zariel. This includes completions, training, advice, and guidance.
- Leaders, Officers, and Class Mentors available both in game and on our messy lively Discord.
- Maxed PvE boons include Critical Strike/Severity, Defense/Awareness/Crit Avoidance, Revive Sickness/Mount Speed, etc.
- Maxed PvP boons are Enhance Overloads: Slayer + Stamina Drain.
- Regular contests, giveaways, trivia, and even the occasional bit of unnecessary drama.
- Part of the active, international Origins alliance.

- At least 18+ Earth years of age.
- Generally active level 80 character (but you can bring a couple alts along).
- No ilvl req. A willingness to gain experience and knowledge is more important than being 56k and bringing Dreadtheft to a boss fight.
- Willing to beat up on faeries, devils, angels, and a certain crusty old man with equal tenacity.
- Knowing the difference between fun, friendly trash talk and just being a "youknowwhat".
- Mic is required for learning endgame content. I’m just not typing all of those callouts.

You can pm one of our Guild Leaders/Officers via Xbox (GT: WardenDeJaco, Tenayshush, pk4BZ AT7, RockMyGlock1982, TRC Unknown, GunnerDom98, xBearCub, tornadotongue10, SpaciLaci, Moonbeam32781) for an invite, or request more information.
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