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Feytouched and Terror = Dead Enchants

someonediessomeonedies Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,257 Arc User
Will you ever be able to buff them?
2% dmg/deflection debuff to the enemy every 30-45sec for the 10sec = Who is it for? Does HRs really need this trash?
The influence of the Fey has warped your weapon, causing it to twist and bend for foes and empower you (back in the day, it worked the same as indicated in the tooltip).
Even if you can spam the Daily on CD, it's still locked to 50% uptime, how it can be comparable to other enchants?
Terror in the same boat. And root has no effect on CC immune targets.

Look at Holy Avenger (consistent 66% uptime) and Bronzewood (locked to your encounter powers cooldown), they are simply balanced.
and Frost/Bilethorn like enchants has no cooldown lock at all.
Dead 🔪


  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 572 Arc User
    I made a post about it some time ago. Funny that instead of balancing so that there was more diversity, everything you see is the opposite of that. Besides, I could mention the armor enchants, which in my view ALL without exception are horrible.
  • rikitakirikitaki Member Posts: 877 Arc User
    @admiralwarlord r10 elven battle is actually pretty decent - tank just has to resist the temptation to further upgrade it, as the stat loss is not something you want to deal with
  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,952 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    I had 2 Feytouched enchantments on toons - both have now been put into storage as they are now useless.

    I won't say what I'm using now as they'll probably get nerfed too in an act of "balancing"

    "Well if they ALL suck then nobody's losing...!"
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  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 572 Arc User
    @rikitaki Yes, I have it in my Tank. But for DPS, especially melee all without exception are bad. I'll give you an example, the other day I was looking at the price of these enchants and I saw a Frostburn R14 for sale for 3.2M, I went to look at the description of his bonus and I understood why his has such a low price and is so horrible, imagine you have a 10% chance of activating a single target bonus with a 5 second cd ?! I felt sorry for who was selling and who bought it (if anyone bought it). To make you aware, I hate my Blodheft because it has 3 seconds of cd (proc 99% of the time only at At-Will), but at least its bonus is decent.
  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 1,065 Arc User
    Terror used to be a solid enchantment choice, it's sad to see it now. But the issue here with these two as they stand now is that we had better AP gain once, for instance using the Devoted Clerics sigil gave 100% AP fill when it was used every minute and many people went and made a cleric just so they could get the sigil for their other classes. Now it gives a paltry 15% when used. Feytouched was also an extremely popular enchant at one point in time too, but I think that it's largely due to the nerfing of the AP gains which has now made them so weak and needing a re-think because back when AP could be refilled so easily these buffs would have been fine, now no.
  • xenocide#6577 xenocide Member Posts: 228 Arc User
    The enchantments just had a pass over for adjustments not too long ago, so I wouldn't be expecting to see any real changes to them any time soon.

    Too be honest, with the amount of negative backlash that usually comes with ANY adjustments to the higher priced items its probably a much safer bet for the team to just leave them as is, even if they are unbalanced.
  • sobacsobac Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 428 Arc User
    They, AT LEAST, need to change "with your daily" to "any power", Even after this change, they won't be BiS. Right now, like op said, they are useless. Look at old and crappy Plaguefire for example: 3 stacks - if you hit your target at least once in 4 seconds, you can have that perma % de/buff that Feytouched gives you ONLY after dailies and for ONLY 10 seconds.
  • plasticbatplasticbat Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 11,357 Arc User
    What is the current 'best' weapon and armour enchantment?
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  • rikitakirikitaki Member Posts: 877 Arc User
    @plasticbat It depends. Generally, you are sometimes better off without one. =)

    Warlock and Wizard DPS paragons are literally dependent on Bilethorn enchant. Generally, Bilethorn is the only enchant that causes a noticeable change in the log. Well, to correct myself - a lot of enchants does DoT which disables Lostmouth Vengeance... so a lot of enchants actually knocks down your damage output on specific builds. Vorpal is invisible, but still can be beneficial if you are not capped without it.
    For DPS class in armour slot it is Barkshield - even if the HP shielding is not exactly potent, nothing else gives you the right bonus.
    But sure, for daily running around you can gain some benefit in having Negation, Shadowclad or Bloodheft.

    Tanks benefit from Lightning (to grab aggro in dungeons) or any debuff ench in offence slot, for armour I prefer Elven battle - reflect damage does not do much, chance to do a spark or fireball is useless, both the negation and shadowclad can lose stacks when you need them (and as a tank you surely do not want any chance to disappear =) .)

    Healers... I would say either some debuff or Vorpal? (def is similar as for the dps class)

    The main problem is that those enchants give IL, but have no combined rating. By using r14 you are losing... how much is it? 0,8% to every stat? With that, in capped content, you often can perform better with no enchant compared to having some useless one.
  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 572 Arc User

    What is the current 'best' weapon and armour enchantment?

    Bilethorn (ST)/Lightining (AOE) and Barkshield for DPS class;

    Vorpal and Barkshield for Healer class;

    Elven Battle and Bronzewood for Tank. If I had an OP with Healer and Tank loadouts, I might use Holy Avenger and Negation, but I no longer have the interest and time to create another character. Just a delirium ... :p

  • silente07#2597 silente07 Member Posts: 389 Arc User
    Why any won enchant is tied to just a daily is sad.
    Oh well
  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 1,065 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    It made more sense before AP gain was nerfed, people were setting their dailies off more often so something which worked specifically with dailies was maybe a viable choice. They changed the way dailies work (made them less frequent) but they didn't change the associated enchants, that's all.
  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,589 Arc User
    The change to tie them to dailies and the removal of recovery, AP gain rework were done at the same time. Before that, neither required a daily power to activate.
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  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 1,065 Arc User
    oh right ok, my bad.
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