Why is the loot in completing a dungeon absolute garbage now

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I thought they stated that they fix the loot in dungeons making it better and this is obviously not the truth why is that because now they took out companions mounts to where they don't show up as often if at all and just added 2 mount tokens 2 companion tokens 2 trade bars to the loot pool that is not increased loot that is garbage so really what did they fix that they said they increased the loot in dungeons because this is not a fix this is worse than before and what are they doing to fix this to make it better for the community to start running dungeons the game has D&D in the title which if you forgot Arc that stands for Dungeons & Dragons people start playing this game with the aspect of running Dungeons and fighting dragons so what are you doing to fix this to make it better for the community so they start playing the game more and bring players back to the game


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    Agree, that’s why I’m on a break. Only way to progress is to pay or work the action house. Where is the fun? And don’t get me started on vos! Bound rings .. what?!

    To your information I have not played mod 20 and have no plans doing it