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Semper Fidelis searching for an alliance

matthiasthehun76matthiasthehun76 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,182 Arc User
Hello all!

My name is Matt, i am one of the guild leaders of Semper Fidelis. We are a rank 20 guild currently searching for a nice alliance we could call our new home.

What we can offer is:

-full rank 20 guild, with many boon structures,
-active players
-good old camaraderie, cause we leave no one behind!

What we would like to see:

-a place of mutual respect,
-a place where runs are not out of the average Joe's reach, so basically no elitism

If what you have seen is appealing to you or your alliance, then please reach out to me, my in game handle is: @matthiasthehun76

Thank you!

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