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Frustrations, Bugs, and Other Absurdities

hustin1hustin1 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,318 Arc User
edited March 2021 in Player Feedback (PC)
Don't expect a lot of positivity from this post. This is a post about things that are just plain wrong and need to be fixed. Some are mere bugs, some are things that don't make any sense, and some are things that **** me off to no end.

1. Giantsouls that stun you because their red area sank into the ground.

If a giantsoul is below you in terms of terrain, the long narrow stripe where he is going to smash the ground isn't usually visible. I'm really sick of being stunned because of this.

2. Getting chain-stunned until I'm dead.

This is due to a combination of factors. First is #1 above. Second is because in several encounters we're facing THREE giantsouls at once. Third is (I'm guessing) due to the combat rework, where there is now no immunity frame between when you get stunned and when you get stunned again. Giantsoul #1 smashes the ground, giantsoul #2 smashes it again, giantsoul #3 smashes it yet again, and then the cyclops does it a fourth time just for good measure. The devs, either intentionally or unintentionally, stacked the deck against us in the maximum way possible with all these factors. File this under "things that **** me off to no end".

3. Encounters misfiring because the game is lying to me.

This is another thing that drives me crazy. An encounter lights up as being available (cooldown ended), I press the key, and I'm told that it's still recharging. Don't light the stinking button up if you don't intend for me to use it!!! For crying out loud. This is basic stuff!

4. CONSTANTLY having to dodge because everything, its grandmother, and its three-legged dog has AoE.

You devs need to knock this garbage off. This isn't "challenge", it's lazy and/or sadistic design. It's the kind of garbage that, if a tabletop DM did it with every single encounter, would make me get up and leave. I'd think the DM was either incompetent or just sadistic. The sad part is, you *always* overdo mechanics like this. When will you learn to moderate?

5. Sticky cleric feet.

This is another one that drives me crazy. Constantly having to dodge because my cleric encounters or at-wills are rooting me in place for inordinate amounts of time. Why is how you treat cleric powers so different than for other classes?

6. Trolls ignoring root effects.

I suspect that this is due to lag but it's placing players at a needless disadvantage. I mostly observe this when using ranger powers that apply grasping roots. Often trolls will use their "move at the speed of light" charge even though you've hit them first with grasping roots. It even happens when you use your attack as the initial attack in the encounter (i.e. you're attacking them first). It doesn't happen all the time, maybe half of the time. It even happens after the visual of roots grasping them appears. Not. Fair.

7. Knockbacks that stack.

File this under "unfair things that also make no sense". Three trolls simultaneously charge you (which is what usually happens at the start of a fight), so they knock you back thirty feet? BS. Bravo Sierra. *Steaming pile* of Bravo Sierra. If a tabletop DM tried this I'd think he was either an idiot or a jerk.

8. Troll Clone Wars.

All trolls are now exactly the same -- they're all Fell Trolls. They all have *identical* attacks, and *of course* they use the most powerful attacks that any troll has ever been given. Even Runt Trolls are Fell Trolls! Imagine your reaction if a tabletop DM pulled this. How many seconds would you wait until up and leaving? Maybe at least a few seconds, if nothing else out of stunned disbelief at his sheer incompetence or sadism, depending on your reaction.

9. Attacks that CANNOT be maneuvered around.

Ogres and enemies with ogre attacks are guilty as charged. They have an attack where they raise their club over their heads before slamming it down on your head. They also *automatically spin to face you* no matter what you do. Grossly unfair and nonsensical. I'll be kind and presume it's a bug. It needs to be fixed nonetheless.

10. Attacks that *should* keep an enemy in place but don't.

I'm seeing this in the River District, especially with the nothic gazers that try to stun you with that eye attack. They're supposed to remain in place (and maintain their facing) during the attack. That is, you're *supposed* to have a fair chance to avoid it. However, now they often glide and spin to face you no matter what. It doesn't always happen, but it happens often nonetheless. Bug. Please. Fix. It.

11. Quests that send you to the wrong person to turn them in.

Several Sharandar quests have this problem -- yes, more than one. I'm amazed that testing never caught it.

12. Encounters that enemies simply ignore.

I hereby charge Cordon of Arrows with slacking on the job. There appears to be a *huge* lag between when it hits the ground and when it actually affects anything. The lag is so long that enemies often move out of the area before it can do anything to them. This needs to be fixed.

13. Stuns that last SO long that you cannot avoid a second stun.

I'm not sure what I hate more -- ogres (and anyone who uses ogre attacks) or whoever gave them this particular attack. See #9 above. That same attack leaves you stunned on the ground for *so* long that the following attack always, 100% of the time, stuns you again. The attack after #9 is always, always, ***always*** another stun attack where they punch the ground. It's like how "and tired" always follows "sick". If the attack from #9 gets you, the next attack absolutely will stun you again. Ridiculously unfair. Jerk move.

14. Enemies that move around throughout the fight at double speed.

This happens a lot in Point of Contention. Some groups of enemies have a mechanic where they *move to your current location* instead of to a set location. If you have moved far from the trigger point that makes them spawn, they will speed up so they can reach you. If *that* happens, they maintain that speed increase throughout the entire fight. This *has* to be a bug. It's also pretty unfair as it presumes they have perfect knowledge of your location at all times.

15. Enemies that ignore stealth.

Remorhaz's are especially guilty of this. If they start tracking you to toss a fireball, they *continue* tracking your exact location even if you go into stealth. Beyond unfair.

16. Guild Hall items that are just huge paperweights.

Paintings, statues, etc. that you cannot actually donate. This bug is *how* old and still not fixed? It should be simplicity itself to actually fix. The fact that it hasn't should qualify as a Wonder of the World.

17. You can check in any time you like, but you can never leave.

Being unable to exit Fane of the Night Serpent for half a minute after the boss fight is over because it won't let me out of combat. Seriously, what the heck?

18... I'll probably think of more. There are always more.
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  • mehwar#3996 mehwar Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    Throw some drops issue in Vault of Stars too. Its almost a month and a half now and yet they cant fix the currency u can get in the boss in order to buy new sets. I thought they already fix it and yet nothing happens. Tried all the possible ways but no changes happening. This mod feels like lack of care and just throw whatever they think seems working.
  • spideywebz#6261 spideywebz Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Let's not forget the ever-worsening lag that the devs continuously deny! I don't care how many times they tell me to check the spec of my laptop: it's still higher spec than game requirements, and I know from others that this is a gamewide, Neverwinter server issue. Why can't they fix it in their updates rather than simply ignoring the rising complaints?
  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,317 Arc User
    Regarding the CC, this really started in mod 13 Omu and then was made worse by the lazy, poor mod 16 'mob rework' and then the combat changes seem to have altered Mob AI. They all use encounters instantly upon aggroing and the cooldowns are shorter meaning you have to kill quickly to avoid a repeat. Also, any mob power which is interrupted used to go into cooldown, now they just use it again, making stuff like mobs with gaze attacks (all are affected by this) really annoying.

    The sliding mobs started before the combat changes with Deathlock Wights and their annoying ground burst power. After the combat change, it got copied to nearly every mob, though they don't always do it. Weirdly enough, it happens to dying mobs as well, sliding for long distances. Bonus points for the ones that explode on death, like Balor since you don't know exactly where the boom will be.

    The downward punch, ground slam is a combo power introduced for Ogre mobs in Undermountain. It wasn't apparently recycled until we got the new cyclops mobs in mod 20. The cyclops mobs also have a standalone ground slam, so you can get three in a row.

    I don't know how much roots are bugged, but mobs with charge attacks have always ignored being rooted, at least War Trolls have. I learned that back in mod 1 on my cleric, since Chains did absolutely nothing to stop them. Roots still don't work, but since mod 16, the Devs made it so that being rooted stops PLAYER powers that move you, like Radiant Slam or Marauders Rush. Always nice to see consistency.
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  • rikitakirikitaki Member Posts: 774 Arc User
    9. Attacks that CANNOT be manoeuvred around.
    This thing - the gliding of combatants that combat rework introduced - is really weird. Looks ridiculous, makes no sense.
    You can simply backtrack your steps from a charged attack, but if you go closer - or to the sides, you push the monster around with your every move and the relative position is kept the same. That means: the only way to avoid a charged attack now is to go back.
    This way you cannot walk around a monster which is using a charged attack. It annuls the reason for charged attacks to be "charged" in the first place. It no longer gives you an opportunity to come up with some tactics - well, at least you can still run away...
    While Bosses following you with red areas got a fix, this thing stayed. Well, pushing and turning mobs by walking by is kinda more ridiculous than a boss keeping an eye on you.

    And while we are talking about gliding... the corpses! Who came with the brilliant idea of corpses gliding to random directions, even up the hill, 50 feet on a rough terrain? Gliding to the distance just for the gigs, no reason whatsoever... =)
  • darthpotaterdarthpotater Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,128 Arc User

    Throw some drops issue in Vault of Stars too. Its almost a month and a half now and yet they cant fix the currency u can get in the boss in order to buy new sets. I thought they already fix it and yet nothing happens. Tried all the possible ways but no changes happening. This mod feels like lack of care and just throw whatever they think seems working.

    At this point I dont think this is a bug. When you have something working right, then suddenly breaks and they dont fix in months, I assume is on purpose. Why? to keep us more occupied while they drop moere new conten... ehem Heroics.
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  • autumnwitchautumnwitch Member Posts: 1,018 Arc User
    edited March 2021
    rikitaki said:


    And while we are talking about gliding... the corpses! Who came with the brilliant idea of corpses gliding to random directions, even up the hill, 50 feet on a rough terrain? Gliding to the distance just for the gigs, no reason whatsoever... =)

    Sometimes in the T1 SH HE with the Dire Wolves if have the high ground and hit them hard enough to kill them, they will literally slide towards you dead and continuing sliding uphill until they are past the horizon. It's really funny to watch.
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  • datarider#1036 datarider Member Posts: 208 Arc User
    all fixed in the new patch notes :D
  • karvarekarvare Member Posts: 226 Arc User
    Add to this, tanks shield does not block a lot of these type of attacks.
    Our "dodge" mechanic has no effect on it, going all Brave Sir Robin is the answer.
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