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Prophecy of Madness, Madness Variant, Impossible to Gold

It is essentially impossible to get a gold rank in the Madness variant of Prophecy of Madness. Literally nobody on Trueachievements.com has unlocked the gold rank achievement for months, since the combat rework.

If you have a team of all DPS, Master Zariel's Challenge capable, who are coordinating and built for AOE burn, you can barely get gold on round 1. Round 2 is glitched, impossible to get gold no matter the team. Round 3 is more lenient than Round 1 for a gold - but getting the very high gold needed to overcome the glitched Round 2's total rank deficit more-or-less can't be done. Also, if you have even 1 tank or 1 healer it becomes impossible to gold, even if the other 4 DPS were the best in the game. Tanks and healers are detrimental to the team, due to the 5 people at absolute peak performance requirement to get even close to gold.

I'm assuming this is unintended. It's a skirmish meant to be easily completed by any team. Before the combat change, maybe 0.5% of runs could be golded. The scaling has been way off on Prophecy of Madness's bronze-silver-gold ratings for years. But it's now to where all players are locked out of gold, based on the achievement unlock data. Please fix <3
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