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Token drops from bosses in new (ish) Vault of Stars Dungeon

bolt#9204 bolt Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 67 Arc User
edited March 2021 in General Discussion (PC)
First off I would like to say I like this dungeon, to succeed you can't just blast your way through it you need to pay attention to mechanics which are challenging but not impossible, so all good on that front. What I think is a break from previous dungeons, which I personally do not like, is that after all the effort of defeating the first 2 bosses there is a high chance they will drop ... nothing. If this is just buggy implementation can it be fixed, if its planned please think again. I would lobby for all bosses in VoS to consistently drop tokens (the ones needed to get the 1500 item level gear pieces) every time they are successfully defeated, similar to what happens in TIC. In the past week I have been in different teams that have cleared VoS 6 times and in 4 of those runs the defeated 1st and 2nd bosses have dropped nothing at all, I dont think this is appropriate given the effort that goes into defeating bosses in an end-game dungeon.


  • bluecoder#3448 bluecoder Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    No you dont lol, if you have a team of 50k pumpers you can just brute force your way through most of the dungeon without any proper mechanics. As of the tokens it doesnt really matter, you are capped for 1 material per boss or something like that. TIC also has the same weekly cap implemented you mentioned and the 2nd or 3rd boss is not guaranteed to drop either
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