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Burnished Artefacts

darkerickxdarkerickx Member Posts: 20 Arc User
Where will the burnished Artefacts be found now that they have left the seal shop?


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    greywyndgreywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 7,120 Arc User
    Most likely won't be available.
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    blargskullblargskull Member Posts: 514 Arc User
    Someone was asking about the Redeem the Citadel. I told them it was a temporary offer unless you bought the buyout. I looked in the zen store and the buyout offer is gone.

    They no longer have the set I like the best. The Ensorcelled Arsenal which could only be obtained from the loot boxes during "Elemental Evil". No one opens the loot box, no weapons in the AH either. They could bring back the Ensorcelled Arsenal as an AD sink and I am sure players would buy those again.

    Just killing time...
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    madrigal#2900 madrigal Member Posts: 100 Arc User
    edited March 2021
    burnished is gone.
    however the mountaineer set is available with TTB or in the AH
    (100 TTB each piece) burnished was easy to get using seals and its bonus 5% def required you to be hit or healed for 15% of your total HP before the 5% def kicked in
    Mountaineer has a 5% def as soon as you enter combat..it gives 5% def in melee range and 5% power over 25 feet from t he target, but doesn't require you to take 15% dmg to get the bonus.
    as burnished came out alongside the mountaineer/alabaster sets with mod 16, the stats are the same amount on Mountaineer too.
    as an alternative, its not a bad set.
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