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Can't Kick

Hi everyone, have encountered a reoccurring issue in some of my recent dungeon runs, this being with the Kick mechanic.

Personally I don't use the kick from party option lightly, in general I will only vote to kick if the targeted player is:
- Offline for a long period (at least 3 mins)
- Not moving/ making no actions at all for a long period of time (AFK for at least 5 mins)
- When the Player is either unequipped (not having anywhere near the stats to perform the role and is ruining the run for everyone else) or when the player is refusing to work with the team (for example in the infernal citadels Hellfire engine when a player runs away from the group every time).

Problem is that recently when I have tried to kick someone for one of the reasons mentioned above (generally the last one) I have been unable to start the vote, all that happens is that there is a soft click and nothing else, no notification, no vote.
I know from my fellow party members who have tried to kick the same player that they are also getting nowhere.

Today I was at the end of a epic dungeon que, whole way though we had one player who would just stand there, AFK till the rest of the party reached the mini boss gates (party members must gather to continue) before running across the map to us. Whilst annoying the dungeon was going fine even without his help and we reached the final boss within about 15 - 20 minutes. He had stopped dead the moment we killed the last mini boss and gone AFK as he had done before.
Reached the last boss, activated the gate and nothing, the player stayed, about 5 minutes had passed when I tried to kick him, but I couldn't, few minutes later a party member asked the rest of us to kick him as he couldn't either.
about 7 minutes later the player timed out from being AFK and went offline, but we still couldn't kick him.

After about half an hour the party decided to abandon the dungeon as we couldn't kick the player who was preventing us from continuing by being offline.

I'm sure I am not the only one having this problem recently and would like to raise awareness of the problem.


  • kalbor96#9520 kalbor96 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    This is still an issue. Had a run today in lomm in a random queue. One player just did not move anymore at Trobriand and we wiped. We just could not kick him. There is the 'error' sound but no error message and no voting to kick him.

    This is really frustrating when you just waste your time for nothing. Especially when said player is a first-timer and you're trying to explain him the mechanics.

    This bug has been in the game now for quite some time.
  • rockster#6227 rockster Member Posts: 1,065 Arc User
    This is not related to the kick bug being reported and I'm also not saying this is or was the case with these particular players but I have experienced many times in PUG groups where players suddenly stand still and don't move for extended periods of time, it usually turns out they have DC'd and though they look like they're still there the player is crashed out of the game and desperately trying to relog and come back. But the avatar remains. Sometimes they reanimate and type to the party sorry they had a DC other times they eventually go altogether after a long time. This has been happening a lot, and strangely I see it more with tanks than any other class.
  • aurumreclusa#1147 aurumreclusa Member Posts: 28 Arc User
    Demogorgon Trial is also a no kick Dungeon, which is not great when you get some smart HAMSTER opening all the portals and stuffing the run or even worse does not speak the language that people are using to tell them to get in the damn circle which does not always actually cover the round stone he/she is standing on for 10 minutes.
  • xenocide#6577 xenocide Member Posts: 228 Arc User
    Demogorgon is becomming a problem.
    Had an issue where a player would join the instance and go afk as soon as the battle started, comming back for the last few seconds of the 3rd phase and then grabbing the chest. I understand that real life issues can happen while playing but the same player was again in my 2nd demo run immediately after and again went afk as soon as the trial started.

    I'm assuming this player just queues into demo, goes afk and grabs the free chest at the end for the dungeon delves event knowing that they cannot be kicked from the instance
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