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Dungeon monster fixes

xaltius#7326 xaltius Member Posts: 24 Arc User
As per the title I wanted to ask if and when we are gonna see fixes for the dungeon monsters. Currently there are too many that obliterate players, no matter what class. Tanks die in 3 seconds, DpS need only blink and they are dead, and healers dont even have time to outheal 1 million aoe dmg. This is from a tank's perspective with fairly decent defensive stats and a good amount of experience.

Which monsters are still on steroids:


1. The direhelms at the start.
2. The mobs on the way to the first gatekeeper (big Balor). They are mostly 1 or 2 dot mobs but hit as hard as Halaster on cocaine.
3. All the golems.
4. The monsters at the last section before Trobriand. Yuan ti, dinosaurs, witches, scarecrows. These are actually not too bad, but could still use a nerf. The dps still die in 2 shots here, tanks can take a few more hits but it is ridiculous that even high lvl tanks with really high stats, receive so much dmg.

Castle Never

1. The first group of undead after the portal room. There 2 groups of 4 undead that hit way harder than they should.
2. The undead at the green blob room. Those were always ridiculous, even before the changes, but a tank could at least survive 4-5 hits. Now 3 is enough to make our life miserable. Most dps just bite the dust on the first hit. Tone them down

Malabog's Castle

1. This one is easy. EVERYTHING. I am not joking. EVERYTHING HITS WITH THE POWER AND RAGE OF A THOUSAND SUNS. Holy HAMSTER you guys. Whoever programmed this, should be fired. NOW. It has already been a month and no fixes on this one. Not like MC is too hard a dungeon, but this is just stupid at this point. We dont have to tell u these things, do we? Except for the bosses, every monster hits like they went nuts with cocaine in disneyland.

Fangbreaker Island

1. The giants and orcs at the beginning could use a slight nerf. Its not too bad, but definitely they deal more dmg than they should.
2. The trolls in the caves after the first boss. All of them need a good nerf. They deal too much dmg. What I mean? I mean I literally have 2 seconds to draw aggro get my position, use a defensive arti or daily and go into palisade if I want to survive long enough in some cases to make sure nothing touches the dps and healer and we all survive. Which is a good challenge for experienced players or a very frustrating one for newbies. Unless they dont mind dying every 5 seconds.

Castle Ravenloft

1. Only a slight nerf is required here for most monsters with one exception. The monsters at the throne room actually need a buff. They used to hit way harder. They now hit for nothing. A buff is required here. There rest of the monsters need a slight nerf. Bosses are fine in terms of dmg.
2. The dungeon is still bugged beyond recognition. I have already made another post about it.

The Infernal Citadel

1. Sligtly reduce the dmg of monsters when going from the first boss to the second. Fat pulls are still possible but extremely dangerous and we are for some reason getting scaled in what is atm the hardest dungeon. Nerf monsters a bit so we can reasonably pull mobs, kill them and complete the dungeon before the next millenium.
2. Last boss. 481k dmg/0.5 sec during Overcook. This is almost impossible to heal. Like I said in another post, mediocre healers could not heal that even before the changes and they let the tank down constantly. Now even top healers have trouble, even when they are expecting it. You guys literally went from one end to the other on this one.

These are all I could think atm as far as epic dungeons go. Normal dungeons have the same issues. I havent played through all of them enough to make a list though. Normal trials are fine for the most part. ToMM and MZC need to be toned down slightly. That is just my opinion though. Otoh I went from tanking 8 annihilates like a boss before the changes, to hoping and praying I survive a 3rd stack after the changes. And that is with 74% awareness, capped defense, 830k hp, and 30% dmg reduction from gear and another 20% from absolution. And palisade on top of that. And I can still get one shotted by the 3rd annihilate. Hell I even got one shotted at the first one a couple times. Halaster critted the HAMSTER out of me. Tone it down. And please make dmg reduction work. It feels like it doesnt even apply at this point. And it seems it doesnt even stack with palisade. It should. It must. What is the point of stacking dmg reduction if it wont work. What is the point of encouraging players to try different builds, if 90% are not viable?

Thank you
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