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TONG Last boss issues

themoorethemoore Member Posts: 57 Arc User
Last Boss issues:
we ran it over and over and ofc it is not always the same, but these are all issues that encountered multiple times:
Sometimes even if you kill all the def souls in the round, the charge bar still starts filling up!
Around 50 % the charge does not burst anymore so it does not get emptied anymore, it just continues to fill and all die.
The death from a full charge should be permadeath and the death from a non full charge should be scroll life usable, and not working correctly, not having the burst to empty the charge it bursts only when full so should always be permadeath, but had half that could use scroll half permadeath (was not the 5th death).
So main issue is to fix the charge that will charge only when sould left and empty when should.


  • admiralwarlord#3792 admiralwarlord Member Posts: 572 Arc User
    Another problem is that I believe that there is a type of switch connected to Boss's HP that makes him repeatedly invoke the alliados undeads and this has made this boss itself more complicated than it was, since there are many undeads around the souls which makes it difficult to focus them.
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