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Paladin mechanic and powers

darkerickxdarkerickx Member Posts: 20 Arc User
Dear GM Lovric and neverwinter developers, I am a paladin tank and healer. as healer my area cures is not good. the class mechanic channel divinity takes a long time to fully load. the shields generated by my healings replace the previous shield, even if it was bigger. the at-will Divine fulmination power has a very slow attack speed. I suggest that you observe these points and bring improvements. in all RTQ and REDQ you need a tank and healer. the only class that can supply both needs is the paladin. we are weak. we are humbled. rogues and other Dps classes are taking over from me in the dungeons and are resisting the damage, even though they have a lower item level. emerged that they remove or decrease the cooldown of the Divine champion class mechanic. absolution: reduce cooldown to 18s and increase duration to 10s. Relentless avenger: what is special about this power? it is the ultimate power by the paladin Justicar and does nothing. add some buff to that power that is at least top of threat list. vow of enmity: reduce cooldown to 15, increase magnitude to 600. oath Strike: increase magnitude to 60 to help increase the threat. blessed wanderer: have you stopped to reflect how useless this feature is? how will I use this feature if I always have the companion equipped? Divine protector: why only 6s of damage reduction? what am i going to do with this time? increase that please. how long will the racial power of the tiefling blood hunt go out of business? if it won't work, delete it. this is unfair. return the paladin's dignity to both Paragon Justicar and Oathkeeper. we are the key to RTQ. We are Full Support with a mission to protect and heal. give us back our dignity.
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