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Will CR ever be fixed?

xaltius#7326 xaltius Member Posts: 26 Arc User
Just like the title. Will you guys ever fix the aggo on those sisters? Tank has full aggro, from start to finish, and the sister just ignore it and go straight for everyone else. We have tried everything, swapping the book, dying and reviving, leaving one person outside to draw aggro, placing the sister behind the pavement. Nothing works. FFS this is a 3 year old dungeon and you are still ignoring it. How many times has this been reported already? Please see to it that the aggro on those stupid sisters gets fixed.

Also at the final boss, Strahd, there is one more bug. If the party is not full, meaning a 4 man team or less, the bats/hypo/arrows will kill the one who got them in less than 2 seconds. Standing on the candles does not remove them. These bugs have been known to us since 3 years ago. There must have been numerous reports. So why are there no fixes? You literally took the whole dungeon down 3 weeks ago to fix the portal, and u did only this. Does nobody on the dev team test the game anymore?

Please see to it, that it gets reworked/fixed/ made properly.
CR could have been the best dungeon, if it were not for the literally game breaking bugs in it.
Thank you


  • exgardianexgardian Member Posts: 255 Arc User
    edited February 2021
    Another bug I noticed several times:

    Sometimes during the last boss fight, the Sunsword simply disapears; and a message appears saying the Sunsword was moved next to the campfire.
  • froger#9967 froger Member Posts: 593 Arc User
    Unfortunately, CR has been riddled with bugs since day one. Sadly, I don't think it will ever be right. It's a shame because conceptually it's one of the best dungeons in the game IMO.
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  • xaltius#7326 xaltius Member Posts: 26 Arc User

    yes the sunsword bug is also catastrophic. sometimes it wont go away even after 2 party wipes. this has to be addressed.


    Indeed CR could have been one of the best dungeons, with nice mechanics, and lots of challenges for the players. But they never bothered to fix the coding. That is why I post this. Such a shame that the devs dont care about their own game sometimes
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