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Angelic Companions from Avernus

erevel09erevel09 Member Posts: 177 Arc User
With Avernus and Redeemed Citadel we gained possibility to obtain several companions. Some were demons, some devils and some celestials. I focused on the latter and tested 5 of them. Namely:

- Vanguard of the Citadel
- Skyblazer
- Redeemed Fallen
- Soradiel
- Zariel

And let me state that all of them are underperforming (with one possible exception). I did those tests on preview on dummy with 6x indominable runestones rank 15 and one Warlord's Inspiration insignia bonus (total of 140% damage bonus) with all of them at Mythic quality.

Let's start with one that can be an exception.
Redeemed Fallen. This companion was recently unlocked in the store (not sure why it took so long). His attacks can cause DoT (Piercing Flurry) and he gain extra 40% damage on one skill (Slash) if he has CA. With that, he dealt 8% of my damage total. I assume without CA he can still deal close to 6-7%, so it's not that bad, although his DoTs could be slightly increased.

Vanguard of the Citadel. This one has Spear of Light, Cleaving Spear and Judgement powers. Her attacks dealt about 5% total damage, 3% of which was dealt by Judgement. IMO, this needs buff. Both Spear of Light and Cleaving Spear needs to have it's damage doubled. Judgement can also receive some small buff.

Skyblazer. This one is really bad. Cleave and Sword Slash are both weak and he has no other attack. They deal pretty much the same damage and were total of 4% of my damage. He has extra 25% damage vs fiends, but in most fights it's irrelevant. Both of his powers damage must be doubled if he is to be somewhat decent.

Soradiel and Zariel. They share the same attacks, skills and damage. I didn't really found anything mostly diffrent other than skin about them. With that said, they deal 4% of my damage. 2% with Swordfall and 2% with Blade of Light and Cleaving Blade. They can possibly grant really small debuff to enemy, but that's just something that isn't even worth considering (CHANCE for 1% debuff for about 5seconds... really?). In my opinion, Swordfall ability needs to have shorter cast time and really adjusted that vulnerablility debuff (made point of that in other post). Other than that, their damage should be doubled, same as Skyblazer.

So, in conclusion: those companions have mostly the same attacks, mostly the same cast times and while that is decent, their damage should be really looked at. Zariel was a reward for top 100 during third milestone of Redeemed Citadel, so she should be actually good. Soradiel was Zen store companion, so it's a paid one. Redeemed Fallen can be bought with enough favors (12000... price seems a bit high), Vanguard can be claimed for some favors for those who get milestone I reforger's blessing rewards. And Skyblazer was part of the pack and then later added to zen store for short period of time.

On the side note, Wings from milestone IV are reclaimable for those who win them from the store, while other rewards (divine vorpal, artifact and Zariel companion) are not. Maybe those also should be reclaimable? Bound to account of course, but still.


  • erevel09erevel09 Member Posts: 177 Arc User
    In regards to newer Companions of The Hall and their passive bonuses I'd like to propose following changes to be made for Zariel companion to make her actually good (at least to have as summoned).

    Remove her ability called Shatterfall. Instead of this put passive bonus "Zariel's Presence". Here is what it would do:
    Zariel inspires allies and makes enemies feel unease by her very presence. Any ally that is close to her deals 2% more damage. Any foe feels unease which increase damage taken by 2%. Radius 25'. Can't stack.
    I think that would make her actually decent, at least as a buff for the team.

    Also, replace Swordfall ability with Parhelion (quick version) - same effect as artifact Golden Memories, just made faster, same as within trial. Reason for this is, trial Zariel already has that ability, so it should not require a lot of work and would make this companion better. It might apply vulnerability debuff too, but it's not must have.

    Changes should not be made for Soradiel companion, just so Zariel remain unique.
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