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hunts and difficulty and rewards. (favors for all please)

thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Member Posts: 4,441 Arc User
edited February 15 in Player Feedback (Xbox One)
if t2 and t3 hunts are going to be as difficult as they are, then there needs to be a natural reward for showing up to help.

At times you need more than a party of 5 to help reach objective. if you have a full party with stats met it's no big deal but most people are not stats met and have no idea how to get there. moving aside from t2s, the t3 is ridiculous. You really do need a whole roomful of players. Getting that whole roomful of players to show up and help you for what is a laggy fight, (so laggy) is like pulling teeth.

not only that, ribcage is pretty much required with the stat system the way it is. it's really not something you can get by without having. (which I think is a problem. one piece of gear that everyone must have to balance stats is problematic. guilds are basing their boons on it. there needs to be more options)

having a non optional piece of gear that is built behind getting 20 other players to come help you for no reward in a no fun laggy 15 ro 20 minute fight is kind of unreasonable imo.

There needs to be some motivation to get people to come help. If someone helps why can't they get a favor drop? if favors dropped for all then you'd have no problem filling a server ala big HE.

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