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Panther's Instincts companion equip power has no effect

tamtoucantamtoucan Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 64 Arc User
I have reported this twice in preview, but hey, third time's a charm!

Basically Panther's Instincts makes no difference to damage done to rooted targets, but if you want full details of how to test...

1. With my Lv80 Warden Ranger
2. Mythic Panther's Instinct's companion equip power.
3. All other companion slots cleared.
4. All equipment/gear that has variable effect removed e.g. Ring of Fallen Power
5. Single target dummy at Caer-Konig
6. Crushing Roots class feature used
7. Strike the dummy with Hindering Strike encounter to root it.
8. Strike with three sets of 3 Storm Strike at-wills (dummy is still shown rooted)
9. Wait until roots disappear and Hindering Strike cooldown ends.
10. Rinse and repeat 100 times

Replace Panther's Instincts with another Mythic power that has no effect on test e.g. Angel's Insight. Repeat the test and compare the combat logs.

There is no difference with the damage done by Storm Strike. It should get a +11% increase from Panther's Instincts.

I don't really care if or when you fix this. I'd really just like someone to acknowledge if there is a bug so I can stop wasting 30 mins of my life mindlessly hitting a dummy when I could be wasting it mindlessly hitting mobs.


  • chindogu#8958 chindogu Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I'm going to chime in here in the hope that this actually gets some attention - this is an issue that is definitely affecting more than just a couple of us Ranger folks.
    I'm "agreeing" and "liking" and all the other stuff so this gets bumped.

    Equip power: "Increases the power of your At-Will attacks against Rooted targets by 11%"

    Please devs either fix this so that the power actually does apply to a ranger rooting a target or change the description to state that it only applies to Tanks, which apparently is the case.

    It might spare someone else from foolishly spending precious resources to upgrade their green panther to Mythic, only to find out that the companion is absolutely worthless.
    Yeaaah, ouch.
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