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The Neverwinter Nine - RIOT alliance - 2021 Recruitment

drakozaydrakozay Member Posts: 21 Arc User
Who are we? Well, here is a brief history:

The Neverwinter Nine, a PSN guild founded shortly after Neverwinter launched July 19th of 2016 for Ps4. The guilds mission was to create a comfortable and fun environment for its community members, a place where we could connect with gamers from around the world while not worrying about dominating under an elite status. Even so, we quickly grew within a few weeks of it being established, this was thanks to our focus on fun and camaraderie.

Current Alliance: RIOT

Guild Hall lvl 20, Stronghold Boons (lvl 10):
  • Offense: Power, Critical Severity, Critical Strike.
  • Defense: Incoming Healing, Critical Avoidance, Defense, Awareness.
  • Utility: Experience Points, Mount Speed, Group Heal Potion Bonus, Revive Sickness.
  • PVP: Enhance Overload Stamina Drain, Enhance Overload Slayer.
We're currently recruiting ToMM or Zariel ready Support and DPS classes to join us for training and completions but don't let that discourage you if you're not there yet. We do recruit lvl 70+ individuals whom are community focused with positive attitudes and a strong dedication to Neverwinter. We don't entertain drama nor inequality of any sort, if soap opera gaming is your thing.. please do not attempt to join.
  • 18+
  • Emotional quotient.
  • Community Focused.
  • Have/use a mic.
  • Can speak enough English to participate.
Member Requirement
This always ends up being a bigger question than what it really needs to but it's simple.. be a team player, host or join guild or alliance content and events. It is easy to get lost in running the same content day after day with the same 4 other people but this inevitably hurts more than helps any guild within Neverwinter. We're all here to grind our way to the next mod so it is important to remain diverse and respectful to others along the way.

If you find yourself interested and wish to discuss anything within this post further, feel free to contact any in-game officers for further Q&A.

Neverwinter Nine Recruitment Application: http://www.thenine.enjin.com


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