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There is some positive...

I have criticized this game a LOT ever since Acquisition Inc...
,,,but to be honest...I actually kind of like the changes...
,,,there is a lot that I was asking for...

1-Variety in setups...companions...weapons sets...and artifacts...giving new life to some of those that were by now considered obsolete
(no more everyone with the same pet and same everything....there is room for creativity)

2-The coffers have started giving mounts and companions again...and that is huge!

3-Many of the dungeons are now playing as they should...less of the high level player one-shotting everything....
...u need the whole party and it is challenging...but not impossible! (dont know about end game runs i dont do those!)

4-Success requires skills,,,not just packing a ton of power...and it is about time! I' ve started out DPSing many players with (much) higher IL again....something i hadn't been able to do in a couple years!

5-The health potions are efficient...no need to pack very expensive health stones!

It is not perfect...

...but it is a lot more like the game i fell for in 2016!

I think for those who got used to RACE through the dungeons one-shotting everything...never developing their skills...it is less enjoyable...

I also understand that it sucks to have spent a lot of $ to be a "good" player....and now be nerfed...but that is nothing new!

It could be disappointing that some of the latest mods grinds were really not for much ultimately...but that is nothing new!

For a player of my type...these changes have revived my interest in the game!

Now just bring back a few of our old powers...the cool boons we had before as well as lifesteal and we will be up to something!


  • rosh#3730 rosh Member Posts: 76 Arc User
    edited January 2021
    I agree with all you said especially stripping weapon damage from weapons and giving us choices and this system has many positive to it

    However One thing I disagree about which is what I pleaded on preview before pushing this to live

    Think about the average Joe player who is starting, I have a friend who started game just 1 month and she told me that she was frustrated because no one wanted to help her with queue for her item level and that is just experience of 1 player while other who started game and just got to 80 queues random dungeon queue to cloak tower with level 20 players and the dungeon takes him 1 hour to clear

    Veterans dont need dungeon queue and the new level 80 player is below 30k item level so he can't queue for redq

    Cryptic please remove TIC from Redq and lower item level requirements again just for new players

    I value new players opinion more than veterans opinion because new players is what keeps any game alive

    We had many threads on forums of new players and guild leaders expressing their opinions

    so till they figure out how much mobs deal damage and level of difficulty, to be specific the flawed scaling system

    Literally let me say it like that for any vet player you just need 3 mythic collars and unequip 2 collars in a dungeon that scales you down to deal more damage , this point to be specific is the biggest flaw of the system which is character progression

    my point of view won't be swayed that this system needs more adjustment and they knew full well before publishing this

    What will the community reaction be
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  • samerikersameriker Member Posts: 169 Arc User
    Most of my toons are level 80. I have 2 toons at level 55, but today I was having issues with doing simple tasks on Hotenow. I gave Wendy Black a call and she came in with her level 80 wizards to assist me. After I completed the mountain, she had to leave, I continued to the shops and grabbed gears to upgrade. I wasn't able to do Helm's Hold or Hotenow without aide. I decided to go run some old content I skipped on this level 55 pally. Nest Egg is very low level and I was having to really work hard at this to stay alive as level 55.

    I decided to start the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign (with this same level 55) which as everyone knows is level 15. I died a lot in Blacklake. I died more than I expected. I respect the changes, these changes are needed. This is what we need to make the game competitive.

    I saw everyone in zone chat comparing it to Cuphead or Dark Souls. No, this is developers telling you, "TEAM UP or DIE". When people are running solo, they are not playing a social game and they certainly don't need a guild. They might as well boot up a standalone game, with cheat codes, and play it instead of Neverwinter. Get with friends, make friends, socialize, and join a decent guild. My guild is very indecent, so don't join mine. Actually I haven't been recruiting because all I get lately are people who come in, pull stuff from my guild bank, and leave. I cool with that, all I leave in there is my socks and dirty underwear.

    Making the game more competitive, aggressive, and combative will have positive results for those willing to stick with it and help other players. Sadly, we will be losing people because this design was not OPENLY discussed. I know the definition of the word "cryptic" means - secret, obscure in meaning, but they need to open up about major changes to mechanics and discuss it with the players who really matter. The players who care and take the time to care, they need to know this information. Then without threat of breaking NDA, those players need to pass the word down to the community on ALL media channels.

    I don't care about these changes at this point. It was already too late, to do any major rewrites, months ago by the time it landed on Preview.

    My advice to anyone having issues with deaths trying to solo content. You better make friends fast and you cannot do that trolling people in chat. Join a rank 10 to 20 guild, it really is not as hard as you think. Even if you are new to the game, the guilds need you to fill their rosters, assuming you are serious about playing and helping others below you. Hopefully this loss of membership will also tell the guild leaders they need to loosen their restrictions on kicking members for inactivity. However all that remains in your hands.

    Good Luck and Good Gaming
    Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident; the only earthly certainty is oblivion. ~ Mark Twain
  • bluecoder#3448 bluecoder Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    1.Variety of setups will only last until people find the best build and most people will use it 3. If they are harder the rewards should be better which they arent maybe I should be able to one shot mobs with endgame gear for garbage loot, 4.Maybe you shouldnt be able to? If everyone is dumbed down to the same IL there is little to no point in progressing gear wise If you have higher IL you should be able to out dps the lower IL player
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