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idk why so rushy with the new combat sistem on live, there are still some things to discuss, i did some tests on preview, and live too, and I came to a conclusion. ofc we all know, we can cap power rating easy now, and some other ratings, but its harder to get that 40% more to cap at 90%, so...

Will be nice, if they change the boons, all with 0,2% up to 1%, so then we will recive 5% if we had 5/5 from that boon, insted of 1%.

This can be applied to Accuracy, CA, Crit strike, Crit Sev, Defense, Awareness, Crit Avoid, Deflict, Deflict Sev and Control Resistance.

And ofc i didnt forgot about power and hp, there are 4 boons of hp and power, why only one of each of them? like other stats, and they should be like this, for power:
The boon holder 10/10, with every boon added 1%, and a total of 10% (insted of how is now, 4 holding boons 5/5 with 0,2% each, and a total of 4%), but only for power, and i tell u why in a moment.
And for hp: the holding boon 10/10 with 0,5% each boon and a total of 5% (insted of 4 boon holding, 5/5 with a total of 4%)

So, we will gain 4% more of each stats, except power where we gain 6% more, and hp, were we will gain 1% more hp.

Another thing, about: Butcher's might, Ruthless might, Eagle's precision, and others who work the same.

We can't manage to have full stacks of any buff of this kind. Because only with encounters u do more then 10% of your hp, and they have too much cooldown, and u can't keep the stucks, i tested, and im not the only one, so this must be changed to 5%, cause u could get the max stacks and keep them as u fight, without CA and only with At-will (before the new combat sistem).

Companions, ofc we need that percentage cap, so:

percentage for every rank

with 2 status bonus:
common: 0,5%
uncommon: 1%
rare: 2%
epic: 3%
legendary: 4%
mytic: 5%

with only 1 status bonus:
common: 1%
uncommon: 2%
rare: 4%
epic: 6%
legenday: 8%
mytic: 10%

Insted of how is now:
3,8% from 2 bonuses, and we will gain 1,2% more from each 2 stats from bonus.
7,5% from 1 bonus, and we will gain 2.5% more from 1 stats bonus
So it wont be very much, but still helps.

And why so messy with the companions bonuses slots, cause evey class has its owne order, why they cant be in order ? like this:

Comp Enhancemnt power Offense Power
New power Defense Power
New power Utility Power

And for Mount Insignia Bonuses:

Combatant's Maneuver, this bonus should be activated when you use any control powers, cause for bosses is useless, cause u cant control any boss, and 2.500 CA rating, is something.
Gladiator's Guile, this bonus dont work while in combat, and im asking why... the bonus says u gain 10% movement speed if u have above 75% stamina... and u have it, while out of combat, but u lose the 10% movement speed when enter the combat.

I dont think i ask a lot, and i hope u agree with me.
Thank you for your time.


  • the1truehunterthe1truehunter Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 211 Arc User
    In this system ratings are not meant to be all capped, you have to make sacrifices and choices. Regarding insignia bonuses, not every insignia should cover aoe and st builds so you ll have to choose as well which insignia bonus to use in certain situation.
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