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Wolves of the Gilded Moon

silverfaeriesilverfaerie Member Posts: 3 Arc User
Greeting everyone, Wolves of the Gilded Moon is a brand new guild and we are seeking members and Alliances. We are a very friendly, mature, active and fun loving group of people who are here to help both new and old members alike. We will help with leveling, dungeons, festivals and anything else that you may need that is within out abilities. Begging, however, will not be tolerated. We have a discord channel and a facebook page. I am going to work on a website for us as well sometime soon.

For those that wish to join us and help us build and grow, you must be at least level 5. Send a message in game to Mileena, Odaria, Eros Warmwater, or Moon Chyld to request to join us.

We are also seeking to ally ourselves with other guilds. If you have room for more in your alliance, contact our Alpha, Mileena to set things up.
What we seek in an Alliance is a fun, friendly guild that will help us as much as we will help them, active, yet easy going, and not easily offended.

Thank you for reading. I will add more information to this post as I acquire it.

Elder Moon Chyld
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  • neobestneobest Member Posts: 1 New User
    Hi I try to find your guild and the members you post to talk but no one appears what I need to do thanks
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