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new changes and hopefully a more fun game to play

corazonxdxcorazonxdx Member Posts: 40 Arc User
so first of all to put the main subject out in the open the new combat system + new comp system are on preview and many players do not like it and are worried about it , But and this is my humble opinion the new system has finally got rid of the mod 16 hellish system of counter stats where there is simply no way to advance it created a place in the game where due to the power returning less and less as you get more of it a 1% increase in damage was costing a player 1 mil + ad , so simply put it all i am saying is that it was not Heaven on earth in the previous System and in fact it was a very bad system because it took away progression due to making any improvement almost abysmal.

1-so my comments are on the patch and contrary to what many think is .. ("it's not that bad") if you think of it this way now at least both PVP and PVE can be worked on it opens the potential for a PVP/PVE game which is basically what every mmorpg should have.

2-we can't expect to get everything the way we want and also mmo's were never meant to give a player the ability to be capped at everything and be BIS in every slot ( this just makes it too stale and everything becomes like it is set in stone ) giving players options to build this way and that way yet still do good in the game contents ( IS A GOOD THING).

3- Small reworks can be done along the way what we see on the preview is not the final product + cryptic has still the ability to give the option to people to swap any enchant for another if they want to in case some players simply refuse to re-farm enchants which is understandable , but this does not justify getting too upset over it because AGAIN we had it worst before... if they had continued using the old combat system the game would be dead now ( ps for the people who are saying the changes were too fast or sudden or a lot happened at the same time ) at least change is happening before it felt like every year u wait and wait and nothing really ever changes so these changes are simply overdue changes .

4-these changes can be used to the advantage of the developers which gives them a better chance and something to rely on to switch between pvp and pve while developing so people still have something to do.

5-My only note is that awareness is better off removed and crit rate as an exception should be able to reach 100% since because crit rate is a % it is quite hard to create builds with expected results since a % crit lower than 100 makes calculations a torment ( i would not ask for this if i did not see that players can reach 90% so it's not that far from 100%).

6-Winter festival is coming so be cheerful the game is supposed to be fun and we all know deep down that end game is boring and grindy as hell it's not enjoyable sometimes just farming with friends and having fun is okay too we do not have to be BIS in every slot to finish content or have fun.

7-I know what i am saying does not agree with many but look at it this way every patch players are doing the same thing they dislike changes and they quit so it's not a good behavior since it created an environment where no matter what they developers do they lose the game CAN NOT be the same for 10 years it must keep changing or people will get bored or have nothing to do.

8- We need to start thinking of the game in general the top 1 % ( which is where I was sitting in and can reach again if i choose to do it ) is simply not fun and it is pressuring and fragile because you can quit at any moment ( which I did)

9- the seemingly forgotten groups of the game a lot of people just do not seem to remember that we have both elderly people and children playing the game ( heck even some grown ups are basically children with bears XD) this game is not only for the 17 to 28~29 year old's and those groups should be remembered because those elderly are the people who help us new players at the start and those children are the ones who actually do not swap guilds or jump around from 1 group to another to reach end game which many of us teens and during our 20's seem to do as evidence just look at Tomm and Zariel master how many swapped guilds just to get a run or to get a specific boon they needed AKA ( critical severity boon) ( I am also guilty of it ) so I know what I am saying XD for better or for worse.

10- there is a specific aspect of the game where people sell runs of certain dungeons which is simply ( I am not gonna try and stop it because it simply is an option in these types of games) but I do not find it amusing because later other groups have to play with that person who paid his/her way into end game yet knows nothing about the game and drags us all down so at least this new system makes end game less desirable a bit at least enough for players to just play the game and not pay for everything they get in it ( i will be hated by many for this section XD gonna pay for this later I just know it).

11- Lastly in the end of the day an endless grind is not enjoyable and this is a common thing in all mmorpg's, yes this is the common understanding of these types of games but not every new players wants to farm 90000 years then do 1000 quests over and over to have a remote chance to do good in end game content IF THEY FIND A GROUP for Trials ( bringing back early TOMM and Zariel master Memories ) overall this change is healthy and if it is bad i mean we been through way worse to make the game good again a ton of changes have to be made so naturally there will be many changes that do not agree with many but what choice do we have ? any change will be met with same behavior and no change will satisfy everyone that is simply impractical so overall let's give this patch a chance if it fails XD well there are tons of events that don't require fighting like Winter festival <3 so good and bads i guess.


  • vastano#2343 vastano Member Posts: 169 Arc User
    edited December 2020
    what is annoying everyone is they have spent years, millions and millions of ad in some cases hundreds of pounds of rl cash getting all stats capped and power maxed out to create a char that is fully viable in any content
    now i know what is on preview is subject to change but as it stands right now all your gear all you enhancements and all your insignia are totally useless
    i wentt onto preview with a dps fully stat capped including def and not one stat bar power was even at 50%
    after upgrading all my companions to mythic swapping all my radiants to other enchants changing every single insignia i managed to get 2 stats (power and crit severity) to 89% next highest stat was @ 63%
    i will be staying off preview for a cpl of weeks till it gets ironed out but unless cryptic keep thier word chances are i wont stay past this updating to live
    i just cannot be bothered to start another years grind to get back to where i am on live today and that is just for my main
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