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Official - Combat Changes - Racial Bonuses



  • alquimistgg#0914 alquimistgg Member Posts: 133 Arc User

    I don't like the changes to racial bonus. As they are now, they are as impactful as slotting a companion, and since a race change is behind a paywall this shouldn't ocurr. Plus, we are still sticking to choosing "X" race just because of the bonus, even though we don't like the appearance of it. Any new player would choose the race by the looks because they don't know what stats they need, and then they will come up that they have to pay to switch race. Races should have less impact on stats

    I always thought that, although I understand that some statistics have a relationship to characterize the race, sometimes linking to the D&D itself, I think all of this is a job done in the wrong way. Races should only be appearances, this opens a window to create new races with more affordable prices for more players, better balancing the game's monetization and reducing neverwinter's pay to win aspects. With that said, I think racial bonuses could still exist, but not based on the "visual" race you're playing, but implemented in another way. an example for this would be a choice of mentoring race, which would be the choice of a race to be its "master", and I say more, this could be added in the game as one more progression. example: if i choose to play human as a visual race, with the warlock class, and with a tiefling mentoring race, I would have the current tiefling race bonuses for my character, which could be released during leveling. based on my choice I would have a small line quest that would be given to me by my mentor, which in this case would be a Warlock Tiefling NPC, who would give me specific quests during my leveling that served as an apprenticeship, releasing these racial tiefling, as my mentor I would be teaching these skills to me through these quests. This way, racial bonuses could be better explored and make part of your build more connected to the game, they could even be much more impactful than they are today
    and divided into several parts to be unlocked by level, example: Level 20 your mentor NPC releases the first quest to release the first racial ability, then level 20, then 60 and so on. It might be possible to release more mentoring breeds in the end game, with a token like the Retraining Token changing the mentor. With that you choose the racial you want to use based on your build, you would go back to the specific NPC to start your training on that racial line, and I mean more, it could be further explored. imagine a senario where mentor hunting teaches you 4 different racial effects with a quest every 20 levels, from tier 1 to tier 4, releasing the fourth racial (stronger Tier 4 power) at level 80, we could have a racial line added in our page of power so that we can choose which racials we want to use, being possible to combine different racials based on racials that we have already learned to attract from the mentoring races. With that I could use a racial T1 bonus from Tiefling in slot T1, a racial T2 from dragonborn in slot T2, a racial T3 from human in slot 3 and a racial T4 from Tiefling in slot T4, which by the way some of these racials like the T4 could even be skills like encounter, At-will and even Dailys. I know that I'm already traveling in the possibilities and that a lot of it can make zero sense for the game, but what I'm trying to bring here is that using a little creativity and common sense, you can make a good system, with the possibility of balanced monetization more focused on visual aspects, and an impacting progression system for gameplay, bringing even some reasons for revisiting previous forests to attract race mentoring quests.
    Here is a sample of what I talked about earlier.


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