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Vistani Wanderer Bugged

xxripchordxxxxripchordxx Member Posts: 5 Arc User
After spending a ridiculous amount of AD on a vistani wanderer that I wanted as an active companion.
1) I found that gloaming cut does 0 damage.
2) since gloaming cut has no cooldown it constantly is used by companion instead of lettling the companion use duelist flurry.
3) duelist flurry is cut short by gloaming cut not allowing it to finish a true duelist flurry.
I got this companion for the speed buff given to all allies as my characters name is Swift. It is a very big disappointment for its main attack to get 0 damage every time. And not allow the duelist flurry to proc after cooldown making it completely useless as a summoned companion and not allowing me to use it for its described use. Please fix this. I would like to use the companion.
I know it has to do at least partially with the cooldown/priority of gloaming cut.
1) there is no cooldown on gloaming cut.
2) the priority of gloaming cut supersedes that of duelist flurry cutting the power short.
3) gloaming cut does absolutely 0 damage even to lower leveled enemies.
There are many companions I have used that have many similar problems. Most of wich have some kind of dot damage that will proc 0s.
Blue fire eyes and death sladd as a couple examples.
But for it to be completely useless with both powers being broken is definitely worth the post. With the upcoming change to companions I figured that now would be the best time to mention this and hope that it will be considered. Possibly others that have had issues that they have found with other companions will post with detailed ways of addressing and we can have the companions fixed with said upcoming companion changes by the time it goes live.
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