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Can we have this little guy as a companion or as a mount even.


  • hotfrostwormhotfrostworm Member Posts: 447 Arc User
    My question would be, how little is he? If it is big enough to be a mount that could be the issue. As 3D models are just place holders and have no other function than eye candy, the real issue is clutter. There already seems to be a lot of huge mounts and companions in this game already. I spoke to my wife about this in much greater detail.

    3D models are made up of textures (images) wrapped around tris (triangular polygon) and quads, I believe the game engine is being overtaxed by all these 3D mesh. The game developers seem to be working in different directions on this problem. They appear to want everyone to be happy with simple mounts, such as those jumping boots they came out with or the butterfly swarms. If everyone is running as fog, swarms, or mounts that remove the character, there is less for the client to draw and render. However if I jump on a horse, have a human companion out, there is perhaps three to four times as much to be drawn and rendered. If everyone is running a tiny or unseen companions, there is less to be drawn and rendered.

    I can tell you this little guy is a complex mesh with an armature (skeleton) that would cost the users PC some CPU cycles. From what I have read here in comments, there is a real world frame rate issue already.

  • bangin#7636 bangin Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Can't say I know to much about 3d model, The red Wyrmling is from one of the dungeon. There are some rare vanity pet that I assume uses dragon (boss) model ingame already.

    some one got this golden dragon from a chest and apparently there's a green one as well but as far as I know no red or blue dragon

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