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Warlock still underperforming

jonchillyjonchilly Member Posts: 33 Arc User
People will probably read this and think its another one of those rant statements but all I got to speak is the truth.

I understand that there are some very high dps warlocks out there which is great but I still feel warlock is a very underdeveloped class with low magnitude skills compared to most other classes these days (wizards also need to buffed too as they underperform unless you are in the top tier with the best gear if you know what I mean). It pushes people to change class at the moment because being a warlock with lionheart weapons and all BIS equipment, aritifacts, mounts at a decent bolster and comps at max, I can still be beat by other classes very easily in dungeons and trials with less gear and lower tier weapons, obviously I wouldn't know what there mount or comp bolster is as can't see that information on them.

I use the BOVA, Hadar's Grasp and Killing Flames rotation in Single Target and have bilethorn enchant so I know its not rotation or anything that I'm doing wrong, and on that note I think it's very silly that a class has to rely on an enchantment to do all its damage, I'm sure many will agree as with other classes its the same thing.

My question is, I cannot see anything on the roadmap that would suggest more class balancing as warlocks are still in need of that boost to bring them on par with other classes. Is there anything in the pipeline or should I just abandon hope for now? I really do hope a dev see's this and takes note and replies to give me peace of mind that they are working on it - which for now is enough for me, and hopefully if there are people that agree with what I've said they'll feel the same way.

Thanks for reading :3


  • hadestemplar#9918 hadestemplar Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 981 Arc User
    edited October 2020

    If you want dps all is need to bring this set >

    Companions: abyssal chiken or xuna.
    Insignai bonus effects: x3 Warlord inspiration
    Enchantments: Dark enchantment rank 15( max) in all gear utility slots
    Try bar/item: [Lliira's Bell of Empowerment] - increase companions dealt dmg by 20%.

    With this build is no matter if you are heal or tank or dps. you will do massive dmg in 90% of game content.

    Also, lot of players remove gear parts to avoid downscaling, and thus dealt more dmg than ones who got downscaled.

    So it's not that warlocks underperform, it's simply classes are now optional thing, companions does most dmg anyways.
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