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Quality of life improvement please (all platforms)

minionbobminionbob Member Posts: 26 Arc User
Been playing a ranger for years, xbox,ps4,pc, one particularly annoying "feature" that the devs have implemented is resetting your stance on travel, walking through a door, watching a cut scene , sneezing, etc...
Please , for the love of all things holy, leave our stance alone. if we want to switch stance, we will switch stance, when we want to switch stance. So many times i have missed opportunities, wound up dead, or countless other acts of stupidity because the game decided to switch my stance again and when i should have been striking. i end up shooting instead. The decision to switch stance back to the primary weapon because you feel like doing it to us, makes zero sense. Please, please, please just remove this from the game or add a feature (auto switch stance on X) as an option for those who like to have the game make decisions for them.
Thank you for listening, i am writing this at this time because once again i traveled and missed the tail end of a heroic because my stance was switched on me again.
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