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Blood War request.

Speaking on behalf of the people doing the killing of the monsters required to fill the gauge, can I politely request that when the metre reaches 100% there is a longer delay before the boss spawns.

Maybe the message could read that whichever side is "About to deploy... whoever..." and have a 30 second countdown?
I know this may prove a further inconvenience to the people who have been standing there patiently waiting, pitching their tent, building a little fire and roasting marshmallows since the metre was at 5%, by making them wait for their well earned reward for an extra half a minute.
I apologise to them, I know just how hard they worked to earn that +5 Ring...

But it would act as a safeguard to the people who are further away from the spawn point than the 10 seconds it takes to kill the Boss, you know... the people actually killing Demons and Devils to activate the spawn, and giving them a chance as well.
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