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Bring back vanilla dungeons, pretty please?

nem3slsnem3sls Member Posts: 332 Arc User
So, I know for a given fact that I'm not the only one missing those sweet vanilla dungeons, somewhen at some point devs stated they will come back but years passed since then...

It would add more variety, more overall gaming value, more play- and replay value, more fun, more experiences for new and veteran players, people would be able to actually get their in-game achievements and much more.

This is the thing I whish most for, I don't care about mythic mounts, new classes, well a bard would be a blast tho.

I would even shell out some cash for a say vanilla dungeon pack, you want earn more money, you're a business after all, right?

Please something finally needs to be done, new dungeons are really boring.

Thank you for all.

Please tell us something is in the makings should be on the roadmap regardless...

Juliaaaaaa helpppp

Edit bc phone autocorrected words into nonsense
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