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Shield of Loyalty Empire- Unhinged Alliance

grebom717#4554 grebom717 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
Shield of Loyalty is now accepting players of all levels and gameplay experience.

Background- We originally started on Everquest on the PC over 12 years ago then expanded to both Xbox and PS4 platforms. We are based on the 4 Principles of Loyalty- Honesty, Friendship, Trust and Pride in what we stand for. We transferred our headquarters to here in Neverwinter but the SOL we have in Everquest still has over 1700 toons in it. As much as we aim for as much end game content, the aspects we find most important is to keep drama and politics out of it as little as possible and to have fun.

We have also formed a very family friendly guild called Heros of the Shield which is a gauntlet guild of the Unhinged Alliance as well.

Shield of Loyalty- 14 plus RL Age recommended. Must be RL Age of 18 or over to be the rank of Knight or higher. We are a very laid back guild but we are also available for the harder dungeons. Unlike other guilds that boot members for inactivity we seek to understand. This guild is more tailored for older ages. All we ask of our members is to be respectful of other players whether in our empire or not, not constantly beg and not spam invites to annoy others.

Heros of the Shield- This guild accepts all ages. Adults may join this guild as well but please keep in mind this is tailored to be safe for younger ages. However, there is no commitments or obligations expected in HOTS unless you want to be promoted.

Times we play is mostly graveyard times on EST but there is others in the alliance that get on at different times and can be available to group up with.

Websites- www.facebook.com/shieldofloyalty and www.instagram.com/shieldofloyalty .

Benefits- We are more then willing to guide new players in Neverwinter, have a high level workshop access and have a transfer program that allows you to transfer your membership to any place where there is an SOL.

Grebom717 ( Gamertag ) - Grebom Holyshield ( main )
Mejestic Holyshield both tag and main
Fredrick Lightfoot- Royal Knight
Anadxer - Royal Knight

Gadgar Mythicalwoods & Ariel Holyshield - Leaders
Shava Moonshadow - officer
Khaza & MIsteriess - recruiters

Come join us!
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  • grebom717#4554 grebom717 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited August 2020
    At this time, we are now in the Unhinged Alliance. For more information, please contact Unhinged.
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