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GWF BladeMaster Mod 19

Hello everyone!

At the time I spent to build this build I had in my mind that the price of assembling 1 DPS is very high and that many other players like me use parts for other characters, or that it was more accessible than a build with focus exclusive at full dps.

I currently play GWF (main), GF and CW. Technically, I don't really like brutallity insignia, they are undoubtedly the best in the game for DPS, being bis for pvp and pve. But as mentioned above, I have a GF Tank that would not have benefited if I had focused on a build with this type of insignia, the same problem would happen with enchants like Dark. There is a difference about the Dark, I continue to find the Tactical much superior even though its numbers are reduced, since the healing donated by the healers has also been reduced, I understand more in an adjustment that he valued than a Nerf. Another important factor is the class's need to heal due to the Bloodletter.

Without using enchant's Dark or Insignias de Brutallity, to reach the cap of Armor Penetration I had to change my companion (Quasit) to Owlbear to reach the desired status and this made me lose more power. Nothing that hit me, the goal is to be viable and use the equipment that maximizes the damage. The developer had already warned about the difficulty of obtaining status caps, something now only possible with the use of portions (farm watermelon u really need it!).

I hope you all enjoy the final result.


The file to open is necessary to have the program developed by Rainer , the download link is in the videos on your channel:


Any questions or suggestions for improvement will be here for everyone.
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