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Sowulweaver TAB mechanics

brb89brb89 Member Posts: 36 Arc User
Hi guys, someone can tell me how and if this mechanics works? let me explain. during preview i tried sw healer, and tab mechanic like lifemark and then lifepact was easy to put on people of my group, fine. After mod 19 release i found it a bit different: hard to put lifemark on people, and holding tab heal comes only from lifespark after 2seconds. is this on purpose? on preview, holdig tab, generate a green ray (soul recostruction like) on the guy lifemarked, and after 2 seconds also lifespark generate his ray. So someone can clarify this? or is just a bit bugged?


  • bwalrusbwalrus Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited September 8
    It's not just you, Lifemark is horribly clunky. It's supposed to be that you can tap to switch Lifemark targets, and hold it down to give them a massive heal with Lifepact. However, it seems like if you tap Tab too quickly, it won't register at all and change target. Also, like you mentioned, if you hold it down there is a large delay before it actually starts to heal. Also, you can't Lifemark someone if there's an enemy between you, you have to have a clear line of sight to them, unlike almost every other single target heal in the game. It blows.

    It seems like the best way to change Lifemark targets is to actually hold the Tab key for a second, instead of a quick tap, but not long enough for Lifepact to start proccing. It's a real pain to get the timing right, especially in emergencies, but it's better than mashing the Tab button and hoping it works.

    If they can't make its usage less clunky, I think they should just rework Lifemark entirely. My personal preference would be:
    -Make it a Tap Tab only ability to switch Lifemark targets. This would 'fix' the entire issue with tap vs hold not working correctly.
    -Remove Lifepact (the Hold Tab mechanic)
    -Make the Lifemarked ally get a significant bonus to incoming heals, to make up for the loss of Lifepact. Alternatively, they could just buff Inspirit (the heal that Lifemark gives every few seconds)
    -Make Lifemark able to target allies through enemies.
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