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Some current issues in Mod 19 (and suggestions for improvement)

adinosiiadinosii Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,294 Arc User
edited July 2020 in Player Feedback (PC)
M19 has some problems. Granted, they are nowhere as serious as the issues in Rage of Bel, but there are some issues that need fixing.

Where is the 'Ensnared' BHE?

The Dev blog at https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/11460923 specifically mentioned two different BHEs. We have Ascencion, sure, but what about 'Ensnared'? (in the lower left corner of the map) It never seems to pop up.

The worthless rare/named mobs

There are a few mobs which are particularly hard (the Dock master being a good example). Some of those are quest targets, fine, but the issue is that killing the others does not feel rewarding....they seem to drop just the same junk as everything else. If they are supposed to have a chance to drop anything interesting, maybe someone should take a look at the drop tables.

The Treasure maps

The treasure maps in Chult are fine, but there is a big issue here....their drop rate is abysmally low. In Chult we did have a set of quests that would award a map, but not here. My rough estimate is that there is a 0.5% chance per mob and I am not seeing any differences between different classes of mobs. The problem is that this does not make it feel rewarding...it's just "Ugh...I wasted two more hours without a single map". Not fun. My suggestion: Boost the map drop rate a bit - maybe 1% from regular mobs....2% from elite ones, and 5% from the tough "named" ones (see above).

...and more about the maps

The treasure maps are supposed to be really attractive, because they give a chance of getting the Legion weapon set, which is a significant upgrade for a large number of players still using Alabaster or Burnished, but at the current rate those weapons are dropping, it will be months and months until players have managed to get them ... and by that time you may have something new which makes those weapons obsolete. Again, not rewarding...not fun. Now, I am not asking for it to be too easy to get the weapons, but please try to estimate how many treasure maps a typical player can reasonably get, and then figure out how long it would take on the average to get the weapons. If your answer is "many months" , you are not doing your job right.

This is similar to the issue of the Dented rod......players are still struggling to get that.... with an estimated drop rate of 1.5%, a significant number of players have still not managed to get the rod, despite opening 100+ boxes. Not rewarding....not enjoyable.

As I keep saying...your job is to make content that players enjoy. If too much of the content fails to meet that criteria, you will continue to lose players.

The two bosses

There have been so many complaints about Siegebreaker Mog'Dorath and Garyx the Unforgivable that I don't really need to add another....and yes, I know that there is some hint of a fix, maybe this week, but here we go: Anyhow, there are really two separate issues. One is that Mog spawns pretty regularly, as the demons seem always to win...but Garyx is rare, very rare. This makes it quite hard to get the special item it drops which you need to refine the infernal Forged armor. Now, this is actually not such a huge issue, because quite franlkly, the armor pieces are not really worth restoring....well, maybe the boots - they are OK. The other issue is camping and general toxic behaviour, which the current setup encourages. Maybe if those two bosses had 10 times the HPs they currently do, and if the spawn location was randomized, and yeah, if not just a single person (the one dealing the killing blow or doing most damage, I think) had a chance of getting a drop then it would actually feelk fun and worthwhile.

The real issue with that is really Why don't you learn from your mistakes? This is the same issue as with the Battle-Worn rod in the Rage of Bel, which caused immense player dissatisfaction....and now you are repeating the same mistake...

Not good.
Hoping for improvements...
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  • adinosiiadinosii Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,294 Arc User

    They don't care about players and now I think they do it intentionally. When the game is free you have no value.

    Yeah well...if they don't care, it will come back to bite them...I know several players who usually buy a bit of Zen every time there is Bonus sale...but skipped it this time, doe to all the frustration the recest stuff is causing.

    Hoping for improvements...
  • colemcmcolemcm Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    As far as the maps go, using RNG may be easier, but it's not fun. A set-up like the excavations in the River District where you have to explore an area to discover a map would have been a lot more fun, because the player would feel like they're an active agent in achieving success. RNG, especially at the drop rates that they set, feels more like masochism.

    Our characters are adventurers in a fantasy world, but the current design meta turns them into glorified crafting gatherers.
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