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Answering: How PVP Seasons/Leaderboard Work and How PVP Domination Works

trgluestickztrgluestickz Member Posts: 1,120 Arc User
edited June 2020 in PvP Discussion
The below message is something I gave someone elseware who asked how the PVP seasons work/how PVP works
I am putting this up since a lot of players had joined PVP last season and had no clue how it worked.

Here is the dev blogpost on the PVP seasons: https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/11245373-dev-blog:-new-pvp-seasons-and-campaign
Note that Mod 19 will be updating the season rewards, instead of rank 10 enchantment choice packs, you will be able to buy rank 12 armor and weapon choice packs and rank 13 regular enchantment choice packs.

How to earn PVP season store currency:
The amount of currency you earn from a PVP season is determined by where you are on the leaderboard when the season ends. As in your rank/placement.
You need to be in the top 10% of players when the season ends to get 100 of the currency you'd use to buy the top prize, which is the rank 12 weapon enchantment choice pack. The top 10% is usually all of page 1 and the upper half of page 2.
If you aren't in the top 10%, you will still earn some currency that you can put towards rank 13 stat enchantment packs if you earned at least 20 of the currency.

How you gain a good rank/position on the PVP leaderboard:
Your position/rank on the leaderboard is mostly determined by winning matches, you need to win matches to get a good rank/position. Some wins will move you up on the board more than others, because some wins are worth more. The most valuable wins are when you defeat teams who have a higher combined leaderboard rank/elos than your team does.

A very basic description of how to win PVP matches:
In the active PVP que, (5vs5 solo que domination), there are 3 nodes, the more nodes your team holds, the faster your team gains points, and the first team to reach 1,000 points wins the match.
In order to capture a node, your team must have more teammates standing on it than the other team does for a certain number of seconds. The more players from the same team stand on a node, the faster it caps. Generally you want to focus on capping and holding 2 nodes for the majority of the match. You hold a node by matching the number of enemies on a node with the same number of your teammates.

As a final tip, if you earned any currency from the last season, save it until mod 19 launches. There will be a 2 day window where you can buy better rewards with last season's currency than you can buy if you spent it right now.
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