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[PS4] Fighter Retailate and Bladed rampart crit chance calculated based on own Critical Avoidanse

Bladed rampart and retaliate are never doing critical strike if player's critical avoidance hiegher than critical strike. Mechanics assuming that enemy target's critical avoidance will impact damage dealt critical chance

Steps to reproduce
1 - Log in to GF LVL 80
2 - equip any gear to have 85000 Critical Strike, 90000 Critical Avoidance
3 - Go to any location with mobs
4 - Execute Retaliate and cast Bladed Rampart 20 times
5 - Equip any gear to have 100000 Critical Strike, 50000 Critical Avoidance
6 - Execute Retaliate and cast Bladed Rampart 20 times

Critical chance will be calculated on every hit separately depending on mob's and player's stats in steps 4 and 6

in step 4 critical hit never procs
in step 6 critical hit procs with 50% chance for every bladed rampart or retaliate separately, ex.: during half of bladed ramparts observed critical hits on every hit, half of bladed ramparts did not crit at all. Same for retaliate, either it hits critically for all mobs in range, or do not do critical hit on any of them.

Link to video on youtube by @eightydarkbob:

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