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[PS4] Fighter Dreadnought Heavier Slash Not causing heavy slash to proc

Tooltip of heavier slash feat tells:
"Grants your at-will attacks 20% chance that your next heavy slash will deal an additional 300 magnitude damage"
Since Heavy slash itself is an at-will attack, it is expected, that it should trigger that feat

Steps to reproduce:
1 - Log in as lvl 80 Dreadnought Fighter
2 - Enable heavier slash feat
3 - Go to Target Dummy at stronghold
4 - Do heavy slash 100 times

Expected Resuld
Heavier Slash effect will apply heavy slash

Achieved Result
Heavier slash is not triggered by heavy slash


  • joe7777joe7777 Member Posts: 382 Arc User
    I believe that is working as intended. If anything the tooltip wasn't specific enough.
  • arthurkrieg#7467 arthurkrieg Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    I might be wrong, but back in mod 16 heavy slash was triggering heavier slash to proc. I do not remember any patchnote that nerfes this feat, so looks like this has been just broken somewhere between m16 and m18
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