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[PS4] Fighter Dreagnought Heavier Slash Deals Incorrect Damage

Heavy slash magnitude is 135, heavier slash tooltip tells
"Grants your at-will attacks 20% chance that your next heavy slash will deal an additional 300 magnitude damage"
But in fact, heavy slash under effect of heavier slash deals 300 magnitude damage instead of expected 435

Steps to reproduce

1 - Login to lvl 80 fighter dreadnought paragon
2- Enable heavier slash feat
3 - equip wooden sword
4 - reach training dummy in stronghold
5 - enable heavy slash as first at-will attach and any other at-will as a second
6 - deal heavy slash damage without heavier slash effect
7 - hit second at-will to get heavier slash
8 - deal heavy slash damage with heavier slash effect

damage from step 8 should be equal [damage from step 6]/135*435
in my case step 6 damage is 448, so expected is 1443

Step 8 damage in my case is 996 which is matching expression [damage from step 6]/135*300 which means heavy slash with effect of heavier slash doing 300 magnitude damage


  • arthurkrieg#7467 arthurkrieg Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited June 24
    as per response in M19 branch, this issue is in Cryptic Dev tracker
    Thanks you for your report!

    Pretty sure, you're right on this one and it should be 435 mag. This issue is in our database and will be addressed in the future.

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