Neverwinter on Windows Vista?

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Until fairly recently, the Neverwinter 'Requirements' pages listed it as running on Windows Vista. Some of the support pages still do.

I've got a younger brother visiting and he keeps needing my PC in order to play. I've got an older computer with the specs to run it, but it's Vista. I tried the direct installer (non-ARC) from 2018, and the current link for the Arc-Setup, launcher, both of them give "failed to run" errors.

I'll try some different compatibility and Admin settings next, just wanted to check in and see if this was a solid "Will not run on Vista" issue, or if anyone had a workaround for it.

Thanks for any tips!


  • adinosii
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    Is it 64-bit Vista? Neverwinter is not supported on 32-bit platforms any more.
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  • therealprotex
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    You really should think twice about using Windows Vista on a computer that is connected to the internet. Since this OS is no longer supported by Microsoft, you will not get any security patches for Windows Vista anymore and the risk of a successful attack on that computer is not a small one.
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    Even windows 7 is not supported by Microsoft.
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  • tribbulater
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    Thanks for all the tips, We ended up borrowing a (crappy, but workable) laptop for him to play on.

    Thanks @adinosii, I had forgotten it went 64-bit, the Vista is 32, so no workaround is going to fly here.

    As far as 'supported by Microsoft' goes, the day I rely on Microsoft to protect my computer against security threats is the day I end up wiping my hard drive and installing Linux. The only protection I look for from M$oft is protection against them HAMSTER my computers up too badly.

    (I leave the older OS's on some computers so that they can continue to run older games and older programs that I still have the occasional use for, otherwise it would have already been upgraded to Win10.)