Wizard - Thaumaturge - 3rd tier feat - Chilling Advantage - huge concern :D



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    hayyyya said:

    Hellow Dear Cryptic Joebot
    I hope this Forum isnt Close Yet, I dont Mind you guys chaning our Thauma in to the ground where it is even not possible to buff anymore wich is fine but then give something in Return Either for your Fixes on Arcanist and Thauma We are only a 2 DPS paragon Class with limited Feats and Class Feats wich are for the most useless and nonexistend, iam fine with Fixes to the Class in gernerall but there is a Point where fixing is so much Depending that u lose so much DPS on the other Hand it would be awesome if you dont forget us and give us in Return since CW is a BUGGY class with many issues. DC overperforming since mod 16 and dont get nerfed at all either way they getting even more buffed in mod 17.

    I wish a Solution for my lovely CW it cant be that we getting nerfed in the ground then in 5 days 100% our stromspell noncrit and then need look how we can play them/ arcane presence doenst effect arcane dmg / Chilling presence is okeish /and the Rest is kinda usless. So my question is there planing for us CW to give in return for the Trash thauma paragon path that nonone can use Thank you

    I absolutely agree with you, but we should think twice before we make a wish. Look at the healer Changes. Everyone asked for closing the gap between the healer classes. Look what they have done. Changed all Healers to HAMSTER. At least it was fair. Maybe we should be thankful for the small things the allmighty Cryptic God has given or left to us and praise his name in enternity.