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ideas for game improvment

tuna#6129 tuna Member Posts: 21 Arc User
i have a couple ideas toards game improvment, new to the forms and will try to keep up on it and learn how it all works. some of these ideas are toard "quality of life" wich i've heard mentioned multiple times in dev streams. first i've noticed multiple things showing how the developers are trying to listen to the players and so far you are doing a great gob of that from my point of view. so couple ideas i know that you have talked about making more things account bound including rp. and i would like to point out that making them account bound like zen for rp, cellest coins, ardent coins, ad, tarmulune trade bars ect. to where there just there and don't have to be moved in the bank would be awsome. also for the chat box having a copy chat boxes to all toons would be great for end game players that have 2-50+ toons and participate in guild and alliance leading/helping. also i would like to say i couldn't find an app for arc and using the web browser on my phone was frustrating at best. i understand that with these ideas you have to way how helpfull or wanted somthing is vs how much work you have to put in on your end, but if you are serious about listening to the players and working with them for the forseable future looking into an app or setting the webpage up to help comunicate with your consele player who are using there phones may be helpfull. ty for your time


  • tuna#6129 tuna Member Posts: 21 Arc User
    my problem isnt that i have to get on my xbox internet browser to see whats going on on here . my problem is i have to periodicly check it because i don't know of a way if there is one to get notifications when for example things are posted on here maybe not on the forms but on the news page or when a comment would be posted on a thread i created for example this one. also knowing as a community arcs first go to place for game info and updates on things rather that be here twiter or discord ect. would be helpfull just so the comunity dosen't have to check 4 different social networking platforms to keep up to date on the game ty for your time again
  • tuna#6129 tuna Member Posts: 21 Arc User
    another idea: mithic health stones that consume other heath stones and can hold a charge to 999 for example thus ending players having to constantly delte heath stones with 10< charges on them also maybe these could be obtainable with promissary notes if promissary notes usefullnss is stil up in the air just an idea also i was wondering if the gilatinuss cube companion will ever return as gwf's with 3 defensive comp slots would be verry happ to have another 4k power comp like the minstrall as always ty for you time tuna
  • penybontpenybont Member Posts: 58 Arc User
    Defending the sword coast quest needs to be fixed specifically the part where you have to search for 5 demonic ritual components in a small pathetic blue circle should be changed to showing you where they are on the map. The current way is broken since on most areas like the tower district only has 4 components. Stop adding achievements for doing the group events since 9 times out of 10 you can’t start them either because not enough players or you have to have certain gear to join since most players won’t let you in.
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