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Adventures Anonymous

Hi all,

I am part of a new guild that is recruiting all levels, Adventures Anonymous. We are very small, right now, just getting started. We are active late afternoons/evenings PST, approximately from 4pm to 9pm though sometimes later. We are sarcastic, always poking fun at ourselves and each other, and do not shy away from adult and/or political conversations. We are looking for similar, 18+ only please. We have no entry fee or required donations, We don't treat this as a job, and don't expect you to either, we're here to have fun. We prefer if you are active and contributing (obviously) but aren't going to gripe if Real Life takes priority. We are not particularly into PvP, but are looking to grow enough to do most any other content and build our stronghold. If it sounds good to you and you think you might fight in, just send a join request and/or a message to @zareth43783 or @novashadowhydra
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