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Thanks Cryptic

Wow, I want to say thanks for the awesome loot over the last few days. The greater bag of holding today was particularly nice for my main. The loot box for the neverember incentive event was also nice. It helped me convince a couple of friends to try out NW. I am hoping that it will get some of our guildies back too. Also with the new legendary mount pack, I may be sending you some cash. The chicken event has been fun as well. Allowed some us us who loathe PvP to have some fun before the toxics took back over.


  • xenocide#6119 xenocide Member Posts: 251 Arc User
    Hell yeah, another free bag. A killer sale on the triple legendary mounts pack. And rumors of a new trial cumming out soon.
    You guys are killing it.
    Thanks cryptic.
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