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Infernal Descent Preview Patch Notes: NW.120.20200302a.9

terramakterramak Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 960 Cryptic Developer
Release Notes

Items and Economy
  • Waukeen's Horde is now properly spelled Waukeen's Hoard.

User Interface
Home Page
  • The "Claim Valuables" button no longer continues to flash even if there are no rewards to view or claim.
  • (PC Only) The top bar of the HUD no longer shows grayed-out error messages saying "This campaign is coming soon."

  • Another localization pass has been made for text in French, German, Italian, and Russian locales. This is unexpected to have significant player-facing changes.


  • ogkush12ogkush12 Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    lol what you mean it is still greyed out and are you going to fix the astral diamond exchange bug that everyone is having
  • ogkush12ogkush12 Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    lets fix a name of the event over a game breaking bug yeah makes sense
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