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Patch Notes: NW.120.20200302a.6



  • bahocan#3908 bahocan Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    i dont know why but i feel im running slower..
  • robai#6206 robai Member Posts: 344 Arc User
    edited March 2020

    The maximum Field of View in Neverwinter has been reduced.
    Note: This was intended to go out with the introduction of the FoV option. The goal of this change is to reduce the pressure on players to make the game look less readable, for the benefit of being able to see more at once. We'll keep an extra eye on feedback in case there are mechanics that become significantly more difficult with a lower maximum.

    This is not related to FoV, but I'd really like to see these options for minimap:
    1) zoom out the whole map
    2) permanently remember the zooming

    I don't need to see things on minimap that I see nearby anyway, the main benefit of minimap is to see things that are far away.
  • revovlerjesus1revovlerjesus1 Member Posts: 481 Arc User
    Reverse these changes! I can no longer play the game. TY
  • sunshine1#3679 sunshine1 Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    uhmm...where are the patch notes for tomorrow March 31st as warned in launcher? Spent about 5 or more minutes looking for the notes :(
  • mouwad100mouwad100 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Why mess with FOV. Some people enjoy having 120-150.. bad move
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