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Pvp not as fun as earlier mods

nix#8457 nix Member Posts: 4 Arc User
The three bis classes in pvp are tr cleric and warlock , tr are already over powered to most classes on top of being able to go role up on you on the node invisible and one shot you they can throw down flowers and there stun to basically stun lock you til death , cleric most have so much msg resistance whole party can’t even take them out on top of them constantly doing big cures to there party you can’t even dig them enough in time to kill them on top of if they have a warlock in the pt too with there heal and dog you might as well drop party cause it’s a waste of time , solution ( take all stuns that are not class Pacific out of pvp limit the stun of tr like the rest of the classes to 3-4 sec make cleric warlocks heal not as Potent take dog resistant down to where they actually have to move around to survive) you can tell by the pvp leader board and how many there are in pvp which classes have more Benefits tanks dps have to either go glass cannon or stack so much def stats you do no dps and still as far as tank classes are concerned you can still go down pretty quickly with just a few of the opposite team attacking you.....you get a whole party full of healer and tr’s you you get destroyed ppl in your party start pointing finger at every one verbal harassing each other or kicking. ON TOP OF HAVEING TO WAIT SOME TIMES HOURS TO GET INTO A MATCH because ppl don’t want to pvp anymore and new ppl get destroyed or harassed out.!!!!!! I have piped in this game a long time , the only reason I pve is to pvp so I don’t see myself playing much longer or spending the amount of money I spend on this game if some thing is not done to pvp which is the only reason I play the game!!!!


  • kalina311kalina311 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,721 Arc User
    edited February 19
    context is for kings..

    which platform do you play on ps4 ? / what class do you play /what is your item level ?
    did you get all the new toys and items from the new mod ?

    I agree ,perhaps participate in the CDP thread coming up for pvp feedback in the next couple of weeks
    by the devs
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  • ashbury#6333 ashbury Member Posts: 58 Arc User
    There is lots of healing happening that's for sure. Theres definitley a lot of support classes being played as of late and that can get pretty boring when no one dies.
  • essohbe#3114 essohbe Member Posts: 94 Arc User
    TR are definitely NOT overpowered in either PVP or PVE if anything they need a buff to their power and most the moves are slow and have to stack to do any damage.
  • trgluestickztrgluestickz Member Posts: 884 Arc User
    edited February 25

    TR are definitely NOT overpowered in either PVP or PVE if anything they need a buff to their power and most the moves are slow and have to stack to do any damage.

    I agree about rogue not being overpowered in either setting currently. We are in comfortable 3rd place in PVE I'd say for best damage class.

    For PVP, I was under the impression fighter is currently the strongest class but in reality it might just be a little easier to play compared to other dps classes right now, so slightly op but not last season's shield wizard levels of op.
    Wizard, ranger, and rogue are all still really powerful and are able to compete with fighters, that much is clear in solo que.
    Cleric also really strong, dps version can go toe to toe with the classes I mentioned above and have some areas where they could be considered op, healer version really powerful too despite not rising much on leaderboard.

    The other classes are also stronger than most people realize, albeit still a little weaker than the above classes I'd say.
    The only class that still seems weak to me in PVP is paladin.

    I've also been learning more about how classes preform in premade conditions as of late, there are some differences between most useful/powerful classes in solo que and most useful/powerful classes in premades. It also becomes more important to look at how strong and useful the class is when played skillfully and at max potential rather than just how they do compared to other classes on average and effort required to become powerful. Paying attention to counter class dynamics and comps also becomes more important here.
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