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Wearing a shirt even when I have no shirt in the slot

merileemerilee Member Posts: 38 Arc User
This started a couple of weeks back, the day before the last update. I was changing my gear and I noticed that when I removed my shirt from the slot, I still had a shirt on. The shirt that seems painted on to my body is a different color than the shirt in my gear. Stripping down completely, does not remove the shirt. Logging out and back in does not remove the shirt. Closing out of the game and ARC does not remove it. The update and maintences have not removed it. I reported it to support and they sent me here. I do not know how it happened or what steps I took to get to it, suddenly it was there and won't come off.


  • kreatyvekreatyve Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 10,545 Community Moderator
    edited February 2020
    Can you get a screenshot of this? A screenshot of both your gear tab and your appearance tab would be helpful.
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  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,665 Arc User
    I am guessing that your character was created prior to mod 4 and recently you used an appearance change token? If so, this is a known bug dating back to at least mod 11.
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  • merileemerilee Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    You are exactly right, pitshade. Is there a fix for it?
  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,665 Arc User
    You will have to do another appearance change. Starting from an old character skin causes this. It happened to me in mod11 and other people reported it shortly after.

    The way to avoid it is to select one of the preset skins and modify starting from there. I took a screenshot of my character's face to aid in reproducing it as closely as possible.

    If you haven't done The Cloaked Ascendancy campaign, the intro gives 2 free appearance change tokens.
    "We have always been at war with Dread Vault" ~ Little Brother
  • greywyndgreywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 7,093 Arc User
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  • merileemerilee Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    Pitshade, Thank you for the useful explanation and advice.
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