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"On Fridays We Wear Pink" - recruiting :)

signesunshinesignesunshine Member Posts: 1 Arc User

On Fridays We Wear Pink - and we fight, have fun and help each other. We do not always wear pink - but on Fridays we try to. ;)

We were founded the 15th of may 2015 and are now a sword-guild under Delphi Alliance (Forsaken Rebels Alliance).

We strive to be the most friendly, active and stable guild we can be, with a drama free environment.
We have players located all around the world, and probably someone in your timezone as well. ;)
- Do you have at least one character at level 70? Write and understand english? - And do you know how to respect and talk nice to other guild and alliance-members? Then maybe you want to join our team? :)

We offer:

- Guild Hall lvl 20
- Boons:
Offence: Power/Armor Pen./Enh.Overload Ward.-bonuses
Defense: Incoming healing/Defense/Awareness/HitPoints-bonuses
Utility: XP/Mount-Speed/Group Heal Potion/Revive Sickness/Healing Potion - bonuses
PvP: Enh.Overload: PvP Ward/Enh.Overload: Stamina Drain Ward.
- Discord server
- Good company :)

If you are interested in joining us, please contact a leader or officer in game or send a pm to @signesunshine (CET) or @venuslightheart (PST)

If you want to know more about our alliance - you can take a look here:


Have a nice day - and maybe we'll see you in game :)
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