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(Xbox) refining envenomed storyteller's journal

I play hunter ranger (warden build) on Xbox. I have 3 journals and music box set equipped. Today I tried to refine my envenomed storyteller's journal from the second last stage to the last/max/mythic stage. I bought the last needed Mark of potency rank 4's from action house and went to farm the last needed refining points. When I had everything I needed I tried to refine the journal (that was still equipped). I used all my 23 pres wards and no luck. I bid to some in action house and did my random epic queue while I waited for the action to end. After the queue I took the 5 pres wards, I had bought from action house, out of my mail and tried to refine the journal (still equipped). With that try the game told me that the refining did work. I wash shown which enchantment vanished. I also still have those 5 pres wards, but I don't have maxed/mythic envenomed storyteller's journal. The journal is till "orange" and did not change like it was suppose to even though I lost the enchantments, I still have the wards and I got the in game announcement that the journal was upgraded. Help needed please!
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