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Creation of immersive rp drow guild

Hi I'm trying to gather players who would like to help create and join an all drow roleplaying guild I have a group chat in Neverwinter PS4 House Duskryn (that was the idea for our drow guild name) please message me or join this discussion/Neverwinter group page ... Once we have enough people together and a timeframe set to gather everyone together we will create the guild ...all levels are welcome very active(if possible) drow immersive with fast rank (Station) progression


  • darthsutehk#4909 darthsutehk Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    Good Morning I just read your post. I love the idea, my main toon last name is Duskryn. Hes a drow warlock, I would be interested in forming a league House of Duskryn. I have a GF who I was thinking of making a drow GF dreadnought.
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