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Vanity Pet Trade-in / Exchange

Please set up some kind of Vanity Pet trade-in / exchange system for duplicate 'drops' (the Tarot Card trade-in system is very equitable)!
I think the Vanity Pets are fun & the chance to purchase a Vanity Chest with weave-touched fragments is a nice option. However, I kid you not, my partner has 13 or 14 of the same couple vanity pets and 8 to 10 of others. In fact, his slots are almost full (because they don't even stack). I even have triples & quadruplets and I don't end up with many in my chests from Zok. At the very least, please set up the system so they can stack so we can keep hoping for a unique vanity pet drop!
Please, Please set something up where you can trade in multiple duplicates for a chance at a random new vanity pet and/or a guaranteed one you don't already have!
Thank you for your attention!


  • tjkernan#7315 tjkernan Member Posts: 74 Arc User
    I approve of this idea. Twice I have had to eliminate a bunch of extras because my Vanity bag was full, having up to 20 of some pets...
  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Member Posts: 1,654 Arc User
    Or they could allow you to combine 10 to create another version of the pet. Or just remove them from the boxes altogether, give you a pet currency and allow you to buy whichever pet you actually want.
  • urlord283urlord283 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,084 Arc User

    I must drop all kinds of them
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