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Epic Lair of Lostmauth and Lava

First of all, I want to thank the patience of the group that got stuck with me last night. Two people actually came back and tried to show me where to jump.

For those who do not know (I did not) there are a LOT of jumps over lava in this dungeon. If you are not a good jumper, you will get hurt repeatedly and probably die. I used multiple potions, charges on my stone of healing, and, in a final desperate attempt, I waded through the lava and used a scroll of mass resurrection (whatever it is called) because that was all I had. Then I tried a jump and fell into a cavern I think and was instantly killed. Back to square one. I could not bear to hold the group up any longer, so I abandoned the quest.

First, I am an older player (senior is the kind way of putting it), and therefore probably have slower reflexes and not so good of control over the joystick. Second, I have not been playing video games for the majority of my life, so am not as versed as others. However, I feel that this particular dungeon is really flawed. If you choose it and queue up with random individuals, you burden the entire group. I cannot knowingly do this in good conscience. I am fine with these types of obstacles in solo play dungeons where the only person I inconvenience is myself. I am not OK with it in a group situation. Jumping over lava is hard enough without having a sign on your screen saying "Your Group is Waiting for You".

I would suggest, if the devs think this is fun, that they need to reexamine their definition of "fun". I would also suggest that they have a practice course that we could run with those obstacles duplicated. No need for rewards, just give me a place to practice without the pressure of knowing I am holding up the rest of the group. I would love to be a better jumper but I cannot learn under the circumstances in ELoL.

Again, thank you to the people who were grouped with me. My apologies for abandoning you.


  • jules#6770 jules Member Posts: 583 Arc User
    I cannot talk for the group you ran with, but I ran elol the first few times a while ago with my brother. My brother has played games long before me, and has played NW before me too, and is no senior, and he struggled with it too. He died too, and jumped to his death on the staircase. And neither I nor the others had a problem with that.
    I would say this is just down to not doing it often enough. Many people have done this dungeon many many times.
    Please don't be discouraged because you think you are holding people up. If they are in such a rush they can just leave as well, or vote to kick you. If they didn't, they probably don't mind, and if they mind, they can simply queue up privately to avoid it.

    We are all coming together here as completely different people and everybody with a different "speed" to run this game. There are many people faster than me, many people slower than me, and we all have had to meet equally sometime.
    There are players I ran with dozens of times even tho I know that sometimes in the middle they stop to catch up on chat or sometimes their dog has to pee... Maybe you can find people (I play on PC :(') that can run elol with you another time and you just go and figure it out.
    - bye bye -
  • juniperwuf#9831 juniperwuf Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    Thanks for the kind words. I am going to practice with the orbs that I cannot get and check with my guild. Most of them just want to do the Undermountain MEs though. I like to do as much variety as I can. It is just embarrassing... like falling into the pit of spikes in Cragmire.
  • spelldazerspelldazer Member Posts: 310 Arc User
    Putting this here in case anyone does a search and looks this up. The trick to those jumps is to press and hold A until you land. It is really really important to long press. Makes a huge difference to surviving the lava. I don't know if it's due to lag or something else but it works. One jump at a time. Don't try to rush it.

    (And if you think this mechanic is bad, wait til you try Cradle...) @juniperwuf#9831
  • froger#9967 froger Member Posts: 462 Arc User
    Something else is to make sure you are not pressing the left stick down when jumping. On my barbarian for example, pressing left stick activates Sprint; while sprinting you cannot jump properly. It took a bit of practice for me to be able to jump with that toon.
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  • juniperwuf#9831 juniperwuf Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    Thanks froger and spelldazer. I have now tried Death God, many times. Still cannot quite get it. But I was playing my warlock on Death God and, yes, I was tending to press in on left joystick. Into the pit you go!! And the holding down A is always important I found out. What I did not know in my "younger" days.
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